Saturday, February 6, 2010

Zoey's ready for her mold

At last, another sculpture is ready for casting! Unfortunately, the Foundry in Tacoma has closed, but Ed, their master mold-maker is still taking in projects. He'll make the mold and then contract out the casting to a foundry in Portland and coordinate the chasing, patina etc. I'm delivering "Zoey" to him tomorrow. Here are a few images.


  1. how tall is she? thats really awesome. I know its the armature, but the pipe coming out of the model always makes me think its making a statement about industry or sewage.

  2. She's only 20" tall. Luckily, there will be no armature pipes once she is cast in bronze! Btw, which Nick are you?

  3. Nicholas Rubatino, you should see the life drawings I posted on my blog, I hadn't done it since around when I had your class, Peters been telling me to go so I finally went