Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Latest sculpture now at the foundry

I was very happy last week to finish my latest sculpture and take her to the foundry in Tacoma to be cast in bronze.  For those of you wondering why the hands are dark in the photo, it is because they are made with brown plasticene (oil based clay) rather than "vashon white" water clay like the rest of the sculpture.  Hands on a 20 inch figure are just too fragile for water clay and will inevitably dry out, crack and lose fingers before the rest of the body is "leather hard" which is the necessary consistency for mold making. The clay should not be so damp that the brush will damage it as you apply the silicone rubber, but if it's too dry it will crack, shrink and distort. The foundry's mold maker should be finished in another week at the latest an then they will cast a wax copy of the sculpture out of it. 

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